Luca Membretti

Education and Training


He is registered in the Bar Associations of Lyon


He is registered in the Bar Associations of Milan


Luca Membretti graduated with full marks from the University of Milan


Professional Experience

  • He is co-founder of the MMSLEX Law Firm. Mr. Membretti works fluently in Italian, French and English.
  • Expert in international commercial contracts, commercial distribution law and extraordinary transactions, Mr. Membretti also advises in international arbitration procedures, in commercial disputes as well as in food law.
  • He is a trustee lawyer of the French Embassy in Italy and was also a member of the board of directors of the Chambre Française de Commerce et de l’Industrie en Italie.
  • Following an academic period at the University of Paris “Paris-Descartes” and thanks to a perfect knowledge of the French language, Mr. Membretti specializes in judicial and extrajudicial assistance in favor of Italian and French companies in the context of their commercial relationships. Together with Mr. Raynaud (lawyer), Mr. Membretti manages the Lyon office which is devoted to Italian companies in need of consultancy in France.
  • He has collaborated with some of the leading Italian law firms (i.e. Prof. Alberto Santa Maria and Bonelli Erede law firms) in the field of international trade law and extraordinary transactions involving Italian and foreign commercial and real estate companies.


Italian, French and English.