Our values

In 2018, LP Avvocati chose to adopt the form of a limited liability cooperative law firm.
We felt the need to adopt a legal form that reflected our nature and the nature of our collaboration, which is essentially mutualistic.
Despite their different backgrounds and expertise, the founding members have always shared the desire to grow the company based on a model that was both meritocratic and mutualistic, where no one felt undervalued but neither abandoned in case of need.

The cooperative’s framework has fulfilled these expectations and the growth, in terms of turnover and overall success of the business, has repaid the hardships of embracing a new model, still unfamiliar and distant from the usual mentality of legal professionals.

The care taken in organisational and management aspects, the new features, including technological equipment, the guidance in personal growth paths, the communication and marketing choices, together with the governance model based on the sharing of a strong value support have been the decisive lever for the firm’s growth. The firm and its professionals behave with the utmost respect for the ethical system of the category, represented by the European and Italian codes of ethics.

In 2022, on the event of the entry of new partners, the firm updated its internal regulations by adopting a system of shared values that were declared foundational and binding for partners and employees. Prominent among these values is the adoption of a principle markedly inspired by the logic of sustainable growth and work life balance.

Below is an extract from the regulation:

The members and collaborators agree that the cooperative should be a place and occasion for the realisation of each one of its members, enabling, with coherence and without interruption, the combination and enhancement of personal and professional life.
f) they believe that the core of the cooperative, the centre around which social action pivots and the priority objective to be constantly pursued through its activity, is the well being of its members and of those they encounter in carrying out their activities (employees, suppliers, customers, partners), the care and development of the surrounding environment
g) they share the view that the cooperative has a twofold purpose, which is clear, formally sanctioned and accepted and recognised by each of them: the profit motive typical of professional activities combined with that of a common benefit aimed at achieving a positive impact on the environment and civil society by operating in a sustainable and transparent manner.