Activities and skills


Criminal law and administrative liability of legal person

Efficiency and interdisciplinarity.
Genuine assistance, when it comes to successful protection and addressing all phases and aspects. We observe reality from different perspectives, making our technical and professional experiences dialogue. We deal with assisting individuals and legal entities in court. We provide out-of-court consultancy for criminal risk prevention.

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Avoid risks, work peacefully.
We help companies and administrative bodies manage operational risks.
We provide regulatory advice, seeking innovative solutions.
We make our experience available for the preparation of compliance programs, assessments and opinions, the drafting and adoption procedures of organizational models relevant to ex D. Lgs. 231/2001 and the provision of quality training for staff and collaborators.

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Internal Investigations

Fact-checking and risk awareness
Internal investigations allow all entities to identify and analyze risk signals in order to take corrective and remedial actions consciously, after a cost-benefit balancing.
We conduct internal investigations confidentially, in accordance with the regulations and the international standard ISO 37008:2023, supported by a stable team of partners for technical insights.
We can conduct defensive investigations - including preventive ones - according to the Code of Criminal Procedure, as well, thus guaranteeing the secrecy and the usability of evidence.

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Corporate and commercial law

Complex initiatives challenge us.
We think in a different way in a demanding field which requires different specializations. We assist our clients both in the judicial and extrajudicial phases, with reference to any possible issue relating to corporate law: ordinary and extraordinary transactions, from the incorporation and investment stages, towards the development and transformation steps, through acquisitions, mergers capital increases, issue of financial instruments. We support our customers in finding the most appropriate solution for their companies in the field of commercial contracts - both national and international - and of joint ventures.



We remain focused on innovation, which leads us into the future.
The sustainability of production systems cannot be divided from the business-environment nexus. We support companies through the rationale of sharing goals. Our professionals and experts work with public and private companies and Public Administration at all stages of the various administrative procedures, as well as in any necessary actions (i.e., concerning the Environmental Due Diligence and the adaptation to the Best Available Techniques).


Civil Liability

Quick responses, effective solutions.
We deal with complex situations in judicial and extrajudicial fields, by analyzing problems and finding the right way.
We offer expertise, awareness and practicality in the areas of contractual, non-contractual and tort liability, including the fields of damages arising from work accidents, medical malpractice and road traffic victims. We rely on forensic medical experts as well as qualified engineers for full-scale advices: from technical surveys to kinematic reconstruction of injuries, from analysis of medical records to the drafting of medical-legal advices, from the identification of compensable damages to their quantification and settlement, to the overall management of relations with insurance companies.


Family, children and succession law

Protection and preservation of personal and family ties and property interests.
We assist our clients in complex family crisis matters, including, among others: separation and divorce proceedings and modification of their conditions (where already established by any authority), proceedings for custody and support of children (including those born out of wedlock) and de potestate proceedings, handling them with care and professionalism in order to identify the best solution. The same skills we use in support the client in conservatorship proceedings, with the aim of protecting fragile people.
We also offer advice and legal assistance in matters of lawful and testamentary succession accompanying our clients with commitment and dedication in resolving the thorny issues related to inheritance law.


Sports Law

Dedication. Cooperation. Result.
We build and maintain successful and fruitful institutional relationships with federations and sports clubs.
We have contributed drafting and updating Statutes and Federal charters.
We can count on a consolidated experience in sports litigation, from proceedings both of disciplinary and/or economic nature, to those related to sports fraud or doping.
We assist our clients with the acquisition and/or sale of sport clubs.